About Us

In this world where mass production, efficiency and technological advancement prevails, we do our best to add human touch to your everyday life. At UniQ Creations we specialise in one-of-a-kind handmade products and services at reasonable price. Each piece is carefully handcrafted one at a time in our home studio. Materials are sourced from various parts of the world with most of it handpicked by us.

Visit our USD online shop to choose a special gift for yourself and your love ones.

Shuttle tatting classes are conducted at various locations. Office workers interested in lunch time class or organisations interested in conducting tatting class please contact me to make arrangement.

Wholesale, consignment, custom order and office bazaar inquiries are also welcome. Contact me if you don't see what you are looking for.

Best Wishes

This card is full of glitter. The stamped sentiment is surrounded with glitter and the pattern paper has glitter on pink flowers.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea

In recent years, it has become fashionable to use wax seal on wedding invitations. Now extent that usage to putting one on top of a gift box and give the recipient a pleasant surprise. Check out my online shop to find out how you can customise your very own wax seal today. We have a wide range of wax colours for you to choose from.

Tatting Class

 These are the new thread that Yixin ordered. She will have lots of fun with them.
Written test. How will she fare?

Unconventional Christmas

An element of surprise: flourish and an unexpected colour for Christmas. The flourish makes the card looks wintery.

The What and Why of Indie

What is Indie? Indie is a shortform of independence or independent. The term "indie" traditionally refers to independent art eg., music, film, literature or anything that fits under the broad banner of culture, created outside of the mainstream and without corporate financing. In a stricter sense, it means do-it-yourself.

Today there are many different types of indie. Here are just some examples:
1. Indie art - fine arts made by artists independent of commercial fine arts establishments
2. Indie design - handmade products by independent artisans. This is the category I fall into.
3. Indie literature - books published outside of mainstream publishing. Self publishing can be classified into this category.
4. Independent business - unique and not part of a chain or larger corporation. The company doesn't have to be selling products, it can be services. Example Kari Chapin who is an author and a creative consultant.
5. Small press - a book or magazine publisher whose publications appeal to small, niche audiences, and are typically not distributed widely. 
6. Independent record label - music produced and funded by any band or label that is not affiliated with major corporate labels like Sony.

Why shop Indie? When you shop at an independently owned business, your entire community benefits:
1. Spend $100 at an indie and $68 of that stays in your community. Spend the same $100 at a national chain and your community only sees $43.
2. Buying local means less packaging, transportation, and a smaller carbon footprint. Some indie businesses are going green and uses recycled materials to package their products.
3. Shopping in a local business district means less infrastructure, less maintenance, and more money to beautify your community.
4. Local retailers are your friends and neighbors—support them and they’ll support you.
5. More indies means more choices, more diversity, and a truly unique community.

Let's join the indies in the mission of supporting local businesses and celebrating independents.

Zig Zag

Simple and yet chic. Get your bag organised with this pouch. 

Student's Work

 Experimenting with colours.
 Practice makes perfect. Do your own projects outside of class.
Not happy with the effect? Make another one.

Nostalgic Christmas

1 more month to Christmas. Have you started Christmas shopping or sent out any Christmas cards? One of my students has 70 cards to send this Christmas. That's alot of cards to send. How many of you care still sending physical cards instead of e-cards? Or just shouting out wishes on FB?

Accessorise Yourself

Don't leave home without it. Use it to hold your keys, pouch, coin purse etc. An essential accessory not to be missed.