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At UniQ Creations we specialise in one-of-a-kind handmade products and services. Visit our USD online shop to choose a gift for yourself and your love ones. Each piece is carefully handcrafted one at a time in our home studio. Materials are sourced from various parts of the world with most of it handpicked by us.

Shuttle tatting classes are conducted at various locations. Office workers interested in lunch time class or organisations interested in conducting tatting class please contact me to make arrangement.

Wholesale, consignment, custom order and office bazaar inquiries are also welcome. Contact me if you don't see what you are looking for.

Student's Work

 Experimenting with colours.
 Practice makes perfect. Do your own projects outside of class.
Not happy with the effect? Make another one.

Nostalgic Christmas

1 more month to Christmas. Have you started Christmas shopping or sent out any Christmas cards? One of my students has 70 cards to send this Christmas. That's alot of cards to send. How many of you care still sending physical cards instead of e-cards? Or just shouting out wishes on FB?

Accessorise Yourself

Don't leave home without it. Use it to hold your keys, pouch, coin purse etc. An essential accessory not to be missed.

Birthday Grandeur

A corporate customer custom order this as a departmental card for the boss's birthday. Textured cardstock, swirly design and glitter for a grand birthday celebration.

Funky Pastels

Buttons, that's what this pair of earrings is made up of. Funky and sweet is the feel. Something different from the usual materials I use.

November MAAD Pyjamas

Angela attempting to do bead tatting on her own 
 Customer browsing through the booth. It rained very heavily that night.
So does my tatting board look prominent enough?

Blue Waves

‘He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how.’ ~Nietzsch

This is one of the album/journal that I made. Just sold this last Friday at MAAD. Something different from the norm. Paste your photo and write the story.

November MAAD Pyjamas

Save the date and join us once again at MAAD. I will be launching the new arrivals. Don't miss the event.

Care For Your Handmade Jewelry

Very often I hear comments about silver or gold jewellery tarnishing. There are sellers who rather make copper or brass jewellery because of that. Some customers thought that fine silver will not tarnish and so prefer it over the silver plated jewellery. That is not true. Fine silver jewellery will also tarnish if not taken care of. Here are a few tips that you may try to prevent your beloved handmade jewellery from tarnishing.

1) Avoid direct contact with fluid like water, swimming in a pool, sea water, spa, chemicials (spray, perfume, lotion) etc.. These can cause colour changes and even structural damages

2) Remove jewellery when performing tasks and other activities e.g. sports/exercising, house cleaning, cooking, gardening etc.

3) Clean your jewellery regularly with care to maintain the shine and lusture. Best method will be to use silver polishing cloth. This can be purchased from us.

4) Air your jewellery overnight  after wearing but not in an air-conditioned environment. Store your jewellery in box or pouch to prevent it from tarnishing. In general, jewellery tarnish when it is not worn, especially for silver and gold.

5) Store your jewellery in non humid environment to prevent oxidation.

6) Store each piece of jewellery in a separate box or pouch to prevent abrasion, especially silver and gold plated should be kept away from each other.

Share with us how you take care of your jewellery.

Tatted Shawl

This is a work in progress made by Lay. It's meant to be a shawl for her aunty. She has done quite a number of large projects like blouses and this is her 6th project. The pattern is her own design and she has given me permission to share it with all of you.
Make the required number of this motif and join them together to form a shawl, blouse or even table runner.


Customisable escort card with the guest's name and table number. I choose to use swirly butterfly with gold embossing as a contrast to the copper metallic base paper. Butterfly signify a new stage in life for the wedding couple as husband and wife. They are now considered grown ups with family responsibilities.

Entering into the following challenges:

1. Penny's Paper Crafty challenge theme is Anything Goes. http://pennyschallenges.blogspot.sg/2014/10/welcome-to-pennys-challenge-201.html
2. Sentimental Sundays challenge theme is Anything Goes. http://sentimentalsundays.blogspot.sg/
3. Challenge Up Your Life challenge theme is Anything Goes. http://challengeupyourlife.blogspot.sg/2014/11/challenge-1-anything-goes.html#.VFbWyvlmOSp

Pricing Your Handmade Products

Pricing your handmade products is one of the most difficult things you will do as a freelancer. Underpricing is deterimental to the survival of your trade. It can put you out of business while overpricing can result in a loss of customers and that can hurt your bottom line. Therefore, it is crucial that you strike a balance so as to ensure that you can continue to do what you love.

Laura Willett, a small business consultant and faculty member in the finance department at Bentley College said "Many businesses mistakenly under-price their products attempting to convince the consumer that their product is the least expensive alternative hoping to drive up volume; but more often than not it is simply perceived as 'cheap." This is something all crafters/hobbyists should take note of. Don't underprice your handmade items just because you think that you are doing it as a past time or that it is difficult to decide on hourly rate for labour cost. There are many who are doing it for a living and struggling to stay afloat.

Key factors to consider when working out your pricing are labour cost, material cost, overhead cost like rental/commission, utilities, transportation and other logistics. As a starting point, look to your competitors for inspiration. How do your prices compare to other freelancers/companies within the handmade industry? Are your products priced too high or too low compared to theirs? What kind of materials are they using?

Some consumers may be less concerned with price and willing to pay a large amount of money if they know that the product is top quality. However, others may only be interested in making frugal purchases in an effort to find decent goods at a reasonable price. Yet, there are others that just love to bargain. What type of consumer are you? Leave me your feedback in the comment below.

Check out my other post on Price of Handmade.


 Yeah, start new pattern today.
After finish 1st round have to tie and cut. That means 2nd round got to join thread.
Why like that? I don't like to join thread lah.